Pricing Guide

Get into a routine of health and wellness with one of our packages to accommodate daily stress to ease the mind, body, and soul

5 Sessions $450
10 Sessions $950

Massage Therapy sessions are one hour including a 5 minute intake prior to session, 60 minutes 
hands-­on and 5 minutes after session to re-­dress.

At A Profound Touch it is an honor and privilege to create a sacred space to promote a self-­healing blissful experience in tune with the eternal love from within.

Experience a treatment not only for the body but also one that satisfies the soul.

Massage Parties available! Chair massages, demos of modalities, and other exciting experiences.

Gift certificates available! Transferable within 90 days, Non-refundable

Fun for anyone and just what most people need. Loving universal energy to allow the body to self-­heal to its essence in natural harmony.

Thank you and Namaste.

Perks for sharing :)

Refer 3 friends and receive a 1 hour treatment of your choice!

Additional Time
Additional 20min for $20. This is a favorite among the ones who aren’t ready to come back from the comfy happy place that some find themselves in after a session has ceased. If it’s needed it’s worth it.

Massage Techniques and Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy & Somato Emotional Release

A gentle method of detection and correction that encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to 
dissipate the negative effects of stress on your central nervous system.




Calm your mind, body, and spirit with a massage at your requested intensity. This massage will alleviate stiffness and fatigue as well as improve circulation. Swedish Massage is general whole body massage using oils on the skin to facilitate treatment.

60/90/120 min


Down in Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is used to penetrate deep down to break up adhesions of scar tissue and release muscles that originate at a deeper level.

60/90/120 min



Using a sequence of gentle, flowing exercise movements, the recipient’s body is moved, loosened and
stretched of the joints and the muscles. This unique type of massage influences the energetic side 
as well, restoring the flow of energy throughout the body with applied acupressure on the sen 
energy lines of the body, aimed at harmonizing and energizing.

60/90 min



LomiLomi is a nurturing treatment originating from the Islands of Hawaii given with the spirit of aloha. LomiLomi focuses on the intention of divine love that exists in all that is guided through the body by long continuous strokes sometimes extending from head to toe. This modality is also energetic in its nature and addresses all bodies of the being. The recipient chooses to visit the past, present, or future to release blockages from within to fully be able to let go and embrace the essence of the Present.

60/90/120 min


Energy Healing Techniques

Restorative Reiki

Reiki involves the transfer of energy from practitioner to client to enhance the body’s natural 
ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. It is a holistic, natural energy healing 
system that touches the client on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.

60/90 min


Universal Energy Healing

A chakra balancing technique that enables the free flow of energy by releasing blockages throughout the body to increase an individuals state of well-being. A Highly effective healing technique. A must try!

35 min


Balanced energy through Satvic Polarity

The goal of a treatment focuses on balancing the elements (essential to all living beings) to treat and balance the whole of physical, emotional, and mental bodies. A treatment of deep nurture that allows anyone to feel that everything is perfect as it is. This blissful energy balancing technique is practiced to calm, center, nurture, and align ones being by connecting to ones self through the harmony of a sacred space of purity.

60/90/120 min


Quick Fix

Quick Fix Chair Massage

A chair massage is administered while the client is clothed and seated in a specially designed 
chair. Its purpose is to relieve stress and improve productivity.

15/25 min


Headache Release

For those days when nothing else works. A natural treatment to alleviate those uncomfortable 

20 min


Special Treatment

Re­laxing Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands, which correspond to every part of the body. Through application of pressure on particular areas of the hands or feet, reflexology serves to relax tension, improve circulation and promote the natural function of the related area in the body.

30/60 min


Pet Treatments

Pet Reiki

Pets enjoy the love of the universal energy that is ever abundant and respond well to the nurturing vibrations received sometimes even more so than there masters. Pets need balancing just as we do from time to time so treat your furry friend to some spiritually guided energy healing.

30/60 min


Pet Massage

Pets deserve to rid the body of toxins and feel rejuvenated with an increased range of motion. Treat your pet to a massage to show them some love.

30/60 min