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Energy Healing & Massage Services

A Profound Touch is where the body, mind, and soul are allowed to reconnect, rejuvenate, and revitalize. We are determined to provide therapeutic treatment based on the client’s unique needs. Not everyone requires the same treatments, pressure, or techniques to achieve an optimal state of well-being. It is our priority to determine the ideal approach and ensure a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Experience relaxation for the body and mind with the most common full body massage.
    • Increase circulation and blood flow
    • Promote relaxation
    • Break up muscle adhesion

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    Therapeutic Massag

  • A light-touch manual therapy that seeks to locate restrictions and allow them to release by melding with the body while using the least amount of pressure to obtain homeostasis.
    • Relieves migraines and headaches
    • Reduces Chronic neck and back pain
    • Relieves TMJ syndrome

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    CranioSacral Therapy

  • Healing through an energy approach to connect mind, body, and spirit to achieve therapeutic relief.
    • Correct energy flow
    • Increase vitality
    • Chakra balancing

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    Releasing with Reiki

  • An ancient technique that correlates points in the hands and feet to internal organs within the body. This relaxing treatment offers many benefits and a deep state of relaxation.
    • Immune system enhancement
    • Stimulated nerve function
    • Increased energy

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    Relaxing Reflexology