Relaxing Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient technique of applying pressure to reflex points of the feet and hands. This ancient healing art has been traced back to ancient China. Hand and Foot Reflexology treatments relax the mind and body to create clear electrical pathways for energy to circulate that become blocked due to emotional and physical imbalances that arise from daily life. The systematic application of pressure to the reflexology points stimulates the body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal itself. The reflexology pressure points found on the hands and feet act as a map for healing the anatomy. Knowledge of these maps has been preserved by many cultures throughout history. Foot pain, foot tenderness or foot numbness indicates what system of the body may have become imbalanced. Reflexology addresses these imbalances and brings the root of the imbalance into awareness for optimal wellness.

    Reflexology has been found to be effective for the following conditions:

  • Physical conditions that arise from; stress, anxiety and tension
  • Physical conditions related to internal organs; digestive disorders and disabling neurological conditions
  • Skin problems
  • State of mind
  • Emotional conditions
  • Breathing disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Muscular and joint Pain
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Recovery from illness or surgery
  • Stress-related disorders
  • Environmental causes
  • Psychological disorders
  • Long term and recurring disease
  • Surgical accidents
  • Effects of drug use