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​Justin Roberts LMT, CST-D


In short, my focus is to assist the body to unwind the restrictions within your body through the art of listening and following what the innate wisdom of the body is asking for to release the discordant energies keeping it from its naturally balanced state for optimal health and well being.

Your body is an intelligent organism naturally designed to heal and balance. Through life experiences and varying degrees of trauma, these default healing capabilities become less effective and result in disease, discomfort and lack of well-being.


As a bodyworker I am specifically trained to listen to the body.

Similar to how a mechanic is trained to assess your car. 

I assess and follow the body's innate wisdom treatment plan through guidance by intuitive awareness while listening to the stories of the tissues as they seek acknowledgement for resolution. With influences of complimentary disciplines, integrative quantum-manual therapies was created and is constantly evolving to uniquely, yet efficiently assist you your health goals via an assortment of manual and energetic therapies. I enjoy helping my clients experience their highest and best state of well-being through self-correction, integration, and self-discovery.  

What to expect in a session... 

In the first session I will assess the body and locate areas of restriction that are hindering the innate capacity for the body to heal. Once found I then release restrictions and open up pathways that are vital for detoxification of toxins to be processed which then allow for supply of nutrients from blood and signaling from the central nervous system (brain/spinal cord) to reach it's desired destination for healing. By eliminating these primary boundaries of influence, the use of integrative manual and energetic protocols provide a solution to reoccurring tension patterns that deter optimal health. This system is thorough, effective and unique for each individual to treat the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptom. 


I have made the lives of others more enjoyable by helping them increase the well-being within themselves through a profound delivery of touch and genuinely authentic presence.

How can A Profound Touch serve your bodys' needs?


                 "So what do I do?"

I listen to the body and it's innate wisdom to assist in the processing of unacknowledged and undigested life experiences that have become stagnant in the various layers of the body which have created obstacles in its ability to naturally heal itself. Through intent listening and following the dynamic treatment plan from the innate wisdom, releases happen more easily, efficiently and on a much deeper, longer lasting way.  -Justin D. Roberts

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