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4 Ways Remote Energy Healing Can Improve Your Life


Energy is powerful. 

And it's All there is. Everything is made up of energy.


Have you ever walked into a room and felt that something was not quite right?  Or, maybe you walked into that same room a week earlier and felt a sudden burst of joy?


What you are feeling is energy, and it’s a subject that has been studied by many ancient traditions for thousands of years.  Over time, practitioners learned to understand these natural processes and developed ways to aid the body in its own healing by guiding this energy.


So, how does it work? 


Energy healing can be used to activate energy systems in the body and remove blocks that may be present due to emotional or physiological stress.  By overcoming these energetic blocks, the ability of the body to heal itself is stimulated. 


It’s a beautiful process that when used correctly can improve the functionality of multiple body systems. And the best part is you don’t need to be physically present to reap all the benefits.  This is sometimes referred to as absent or remote healing, and it can allow you to have a profound healing experience without being face-to-face.


Sound too good to be true?  It isn’t.


Let’s explore 4 ways remote energy healing can work for you.

1. Energy healing can benefit anyone


While keeping an open mind is recommended, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of energy work to receive the benefits of these treatments. 


No matter what issue or problem you seek to treat, your practitioner will work with your body systems to find the right path to healing for you.  Clinical energy work is based on innate wisdom guidance, which means that the pattern reveals itself, allowing the healer to treat that pattern.


By listening to the body’s story and clearing out areas of blocked energy, your organs are allowed to balance themselves.  The practitioner is not treating the emotional state, but rather they are asking the body what it needs and facilitating that change through intentional clearing.


While prior awareness of energy work principles is not required, it is important to have a significant level of trust between the practitioner and the client.  You don’t necessarily have to even believe in energy healing.  But you do need to be open to the possibility of success to ensure the highest level of efficacy.


If you remain open and inquisitive, that will enable the practitioner to communicate clearly with the body.  This allows for organ and other body systems to reveal any prolonged or internal stress that needs to be addressed.


2. Energy can be balanced from the comfort of your own home


Have you ever gone to a therapy session and felt amazing afterward only to sit in traffic for forty- five minutes battling every stressful thing in the world?  All that peace and all that zen just magically disappear when someone pulls in front of you out of nowhere.


Or maybe you just had a session that worked with your deep emotional and psychological issues, and you want nothing more than to sit in quiet meditation to be with your thoughts.


Well, having your energy balanced from the safety and comfort of your own home can be a magical experience.  You can fully relax knowing you are safe and protected.  If you are a person who deals with anxiety or fear, this is one less hurdle in your journey to health. 


Also, it makes scheduling super simple.  It’s much easier to find time in your busy day and busy life when you don’t have to factor in travel time.  


It makes the decision to care for yourself and your health that much easier.  And making your health a priority should never get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

3. Specialized services are easier to access


You know how challenging it can be to find the practitioner who is right for you.  


You spend hours, days, and even weeks scouring the internet for the person you hope can help in your journey toward healing.  And then what happens?  You find them.  You research their website thoroughly.  You read their bio and they sound warm, friendly, and knowledgeable in just the right modalities for you.


Tuning in to your inner intuition, you ask yourself if this is the person you’ve been looking for.  And the answer comes right back to you.  A resounding yes!


But then you realize you totally forgot to check their location, and now you see they live hours or states away from you.


With remote healing, that barrier is abolished.  It allows you to select the person who is right for your journey to optimal health.  You don’t have to settle for the person who is located most conveniently to your home.  You can choose your practitioner based solely on the specialized energy work they offer.


Some practitioners specialize in certain services and modalities, but unfortunately, you can’t always travel to see them.  By choosing a provider who practices remotely, you can consciously select the best service for you, not just the ones that are offered near you.


4. Multiple energy healing modalities can be combined


In addition to clinical energy balancing and vibrational energy clearing, other services are also available.  Have you been researching the benefits of reiki?  How about CranioSacral therapy?  Well, guess what?  Those treatments can be done remotely as well!


Yes, for real.  And the results you’ll see are just as effective as if you were in person with your practitioner.


Your practitioner will know the right services for you, and you can work together to create the optimal healing experience that’s tailored to your specific needs.


Maybe you are experiencing some type of physical or emotional stress.  Or maybe you have multiple issues and wonder if they are connected or related.  It could be that the main issue you want to address is an emotional disturbance of some sort, and you may not realize its connection to your physical body.


Your practitioner will be able to draw all this out and more by feeling and guiding your energy.  You won’t be labeled or diagnosed, though.  The energy pattern that needs to be cleared will reveal itself so the blocks can be removed and healing can begin.


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