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Energy Balancing



Justin is truly a healer. My CST treatments work for me in person and long distance. CST has helped me after 2 automobile accidents four weeks apart. My PTSD due to the accidents was debilitating. Justins treatments have taken them away 98% of the time. When my PTSD is triggered I contact Justin to get a long distance treatment that stops it.

Thank you Justin I am a better person because of you. 

With Love and appreciation,

~Patti Guill James 


Justin has a unique energy that allows me to completely relax and trust him. His awareness of the body, mind, spirit connection permeates throughout his entire being, and when I am in his presence it always reminds me to be both grounded, and connected to my highest self at the same time. I have received deep tissue massage, Reiki, and Cranialsacral Therapy from Justin. During a Cranialsacral Session, I am invited, in a safe space, to go deep within myself and work through the blocks of energy that I have created over time. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for about two years. As I have been working with Justin, the results of release both mentally and physically have awakened me to a whole different perspective of myself. He has allowed me to feel the pain, acknowledge its power over my body and mind, and decide for myself whether I am willing to let it go. Every time he has worked on me, a different part of my body has been able to release physically, the pain has gone away from that area, and therefore my mind becomes clear. I am brought to different uncomfortable emotions that hold me back from fully experiencing contentment, and because I trust him completely I am willing to tell him honestly what I am holding on to, and with his guidance, compassion, and strong spiritual connection, miraculously I get past conflicts within myself that I have struggled with for years. I believe that Justin has a gift that is extremely rare, he is a powerful, humble, being of light. His insight on how to live fully, and awaken to my true nature, has helped me grow and become a happier woman.He reminds me to believe that all I need is to love myself completely,live in the present moment, and have true compassion and love for others. He inspires and motivates me every time I have the honor to work with him. 
Thank you Justin, Namaste. 

~Meredith Prete LMT, RYT – Palm Beach Gardens, FL


I just wanted you to know that meeting and working with you was truly profound. “A Profound Touch” is perfect for you and your company. What your profound touch is able to do is absolutely awesome! I am humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to work with you Justin. You not only helped my body, but my mind & spirit as well. Your incredible caring heart has helped me on my journey and I hope our individual journeys allow our paths to cross again! All that you do and are Justin, is so good for this world! All the best as you continue to grow and your clients continue to benefit from your incredibly profound touch,
~Jane S. Colacicco – Jane Colacicco CranioSacral Therapy


Justin came to our house twice to treat my wife and I. The massage was great and his professional approach made us very comfortable. Treat yourself!
~Tom White 


Wow! What an INCREDIBLY PROFOUND TOUCH! When ever I have a massage or any type of healing touch from Justin, it’s certainly a profound one that promotes such a state of relaxation, calmness and serenity. He genuinely has a magical touch! But it’s much more than that! He has a magical energy that is absolutely contagious! I guarantee, any session with Justin will promote a magical healing. A physical, spiritual and mental state of well being!
~Susan Taylor - Palm Beach Gardens, FL


I’ve had a lot of massages in my days, some good, some not so good. I’ve gone to small massage studios, and big world-famous spas. I’ve had little Asian feet walk on my back, big Russian guys beat me with birch branches, hot rocks piled on me, mud baths and salt scrubs, 4-hands at a time, and more. In short; I like being massaged and try just about anything – once. I’m new to Florida and was looking for a special masseur; lucky for me I found Justin. Most massage people have their own technique, which is sometimes too aggressive and other times too wimpy. Justin seems to have more than technique, he’s got intuition. He truly connects with your body through his hands and truly has “A Profound Touch”. I look forward to lying on his table whenever I can. Whether you’re an experience massage client or never had someone’s hands on your body like this before, give him a try, you’ll be glad you did. And don’t worry about it, he’ll figure out what you need. 
~Ralph Potente – Berry Hill Farm, LLC Oyster Bay Cove, NY & Jupiter, FL


I received both a Craniosacral and deep tissue massage from A Profound Touch this weekend. Justin is very professional and intuitive. The energy in the room was very calming, so I was able to relax right away. The Craniosacral massage was both intense and mind blowing. I was unsure of what to expect, but am completely satisfied with the eye-opening outcome of the Craniosacral Therapy. The deep tissue massage was the icing on the cake! My back feels fantastic, and that is the first time I have said that in years. Justin is a gentle worker, and always makes sure his clients are comfortable. I have the HIGHEST recommendation for A Profound Touch. Excellent work!!
~Kirsten J. 


There are not words to do justice to all the services that Justin provides. Justin is not only an amazing masseuse .. he is an amazing person. His spirit and energy provide relaxing and healing… his Craniosacral Therapy treatment provides TOTAL mind body and spirit relief. After and hour (which felt like 20 mins), My mind was calm refreshed, my back and neck that were killing me felt 100% better. I work in a very high pressure high stress job and work/travel about 12 hours a day, I also have had back surgery, after 1 hour.. I felt like I had just returned from a 2 week vacation. 
Aside from the treatment Justin provides, his soul and spirit are so pure and loving you will feel that energy and take all of that in no matter what treatment you are having.. This is why I am customer for life.. I have had other massage at Spa’s left feeling physically refreshed.. with Justin it goes beyond the physical, my mind is calm, the stress and tension melts away.. I can not put into words what that feels like.. So I recommend you try it.. you will not be disappointed. 
Although Justin does not have this listed as a service offered.. I wanted to share the kind of person he is… My DOG Zoey hurt her hip and was struggling to walk.. He asked if he could give her Reiki.. Zoey has received 2 treatments and is almost 100% better.. she also is now even more in love with Justin. His talent is only surpassed by his heart. Zoey and I always look forward to our time with Justin. I recommend you treat yourself today to a life changing experience.
~Jaime Lorenzoni – Visual Executive in Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Justin is one of the very best massage therapists I have ever had. He works wonders on all the sore places. 
~Muriel - North Palm, FL

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