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Zone Healing 10 min session

Maintenance to keep the brains' healing zones of the body balanced

  • 15 min
  • $50 offering
  • U.S. Highway 1

Service Description

"Your body may be properly classified as an electrical machine and the six brain centers represent the positive pole, while specific points in the spinal cord represent the negative pole. Each zone regulates and influences your overall health. All diseased conditions, aches and pains, and other discomforts experienced by the body can be attributed to one or more of the zones. In order to locate the zone that is out of balance, there are six zone points on the head corresponding to each zone that are touched with slight pressure. The point where you feel discomfort indicates the zone that is out of balance with the bodily systems its controls. Once the zone has been identified stimulation of points along the spine sends healing energy up the spinal cord to the brain to create balance. The brain center sends out signals to the imbalanced system to promote healing."

Contact Details

  • 618 U.S. Hwy 1, North Palm Beach, FL, USA


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